How do I speak with my education expert?

How do I speak with my education expert?

Once you’ve found an expert you’d like to make contact with, click on the ‘Choose’ button on their profile. 

Your Education Expert will start the conversation in your Sofiri chat window. From there, you can work out the method of correspondence that suits you best.
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    • Who are 'education experts'?

      Education experts are the people who provide you with course counselling, application help, and visa assistance.  They're called education experts, because they're extremely knowledgeable about the education landscape in top international ...
    • How do I find an education expert?

      To find an Education Expert, sign up, complete your profile and go to our 'Find an Expert' page.
    • Where do I go to meet my Education Expert?

      Once you've connected with your expert in education online, you can chat with them about where you'd like to meet. We suggest meeting at a public location close to you both, like a library or quiet cafe. As some of our education experts have offices, ...
    • Can I talk with more than one Education Expert?

      No.  Because we like things to be as clear as possible, you'll choose one education expert to correspond with.
    • Can I request a different expert once I’ve already been matched with someone?

      Once you've been matched with an education expert, you'll continue your Sofiri journey exclusively with them.  However, if you'd like to request another expert after you've already been matched, just let us know. Our staff can get in contact with ...