Why do I you need my sofiri.expert email address?

Why do I need a sofiri.expert email address?

This mail address is extremely important if you want to be taken seriously, you'll win points for professionalism. Moreover, it's a winning strategy for great first impressions and it will actually achieve your work-life balance goals. To know how to get it done, visit the blog we created.
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    • Do I need a Sofiri email address to liaise with students and education providers?

      Yes. If you have successfully become a Sofiri education expert, including signing an agreement with us. You will be provided with an email branded Sofiri structured as follows: firstname.lastname@sofiri.expert This email will be used only in the case ...
    • How to set-up your Sofiri email address?

      There are two ways to do it, manually if you are good at setting up email clients or the easy one which is automatic. Follow the instructions of our blog entry called: Here's why you need your sofiri.expert email address
    • A student can select 1 Education Expert to work with initially. How does that work?

      When a student signs up, they can choose one Education Expert from all experts available. The process has been designed this way so that an aspiring student can get an initial feel by reading expert's profiles and qualities. Sofiri is all about ...
    • Are there any costs I’ll need to meet?

      No. All you’ll need is access to a computer and a good Internet connection. You may find that these costs are deductible in your end of year tax return. See ‘Keeping Great Records’ in this blog post for more information. As an Education Expert, we ...
    • Do I need an ABN to work with Sofiri as an education expert?

      An ABN is a unique 11-digit number used to identify your business to the government and to the community. You’ll need an ABN in your work as an Education Expert, as you are a sole trader running a business. For more information, visit the blog we ...