What are the advantages of IQAP over other education technology platforms?

What are the advantages of IQAP over other education technology platforms?

IQAP is comprehensive; it enables education providers and agents to manage the journey from prospective student enquiry to becoming an enrolled student. Some platforms work on only one aspect of the journey only. To lear more visit https://iqap.sofiri.com

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    • Who developed IQAP?

      ·       IQAP was developed by Sofiri Pty Ltd. Sofiri is an Australian and New Zealand based company which has been successfully recruiting students from around the world for the last two years using its innovative technology platform. ·       Sofiri ...
    • Is IQAP available to agencies with multiple source countries?

      Yes, IQAP can service education agents that have offices in multiple countries, e.g. Australia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, etc. Our platform works in several languages and will help you manage your queries and qualify students from all around the world. ...
    • What does IQAP stand for?

      IQAP is short for Instant Qualified Applicant Platform, it was the way for us to connect the instant messaging bots we used and the qualified/enquiry/application system created by Sofiri. For more information visit https://iqap.sofiri.com
    • Why is IQAP useful in the COVID 19 environment?

      ·       IQAP is a peer-to-peer platform connecting prospective students with advisors. ·       IQAP can be used remotely. Your advisors/counsellors/staff/agents can be at home but continue to advise students, create quotations and create ...
    • Can the IQAP platform replace a CRM?

      Yes, IQAP offers many of the typical features CRMs offer. At the same time, as it is not a dedicated CRM, IQAP can also connect with other CRMs, in fact IQAP is already integrated with QSES for example.