What languages are available for the BOT?

What languages are available for the BOT?

The aspiring student can chat with the BOT in 5 languages. English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese and Vietnamese.

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    • How the student is contacted by the BOT?

      The aspiring student can chat with the BOT on Facebook Messenger or a web portal.
    • How are prospective students pre-qualified?

      ·       The IQAP BOT will enable prospective students to sign up and chat in a few clicks 24/7 in five different languages. ·       IQAP uses Artificial Intelligence NLP to pre-qualify using criteria that has been agreed with your administrator eg ...
    • Is IQAP available only to universities?

      No, IQAP is also available for colleges, technically any education provider. For more information visit https://iqap.sofiri.com/providers
    • Is IQAP available to agencies with multiple source countries?

      Yes, IQAP can service education agents that have offices in multiple countries, e.g. Australia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, etc. Our platform works in several languages and will help you manage your queries and qualify students from all around the world. ...
    • How can a student choose a counsellor?

      The student can choose the education expert directly on the website or app after completing the bot questions. Then the bot will automatically direct the student to the counsellor that speaks the same language or lives nearby. Both students and ...