Which are the scholarships offered by ACU?

Does ACU offer any scholarships to international students?

Australian Catholic University is offering scholarships for International Students in a wide range of courses across all levels of study. ACU has two types of scholarships: The International Scholarship (ISS) and Peter Faber Business School International Postgraduate Scholarships. Visit the blog we created to know more about them.
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    • Which are Murdoch University's Scholarships?

      Murdoch University will offer a variation of scholarships for students of all countries in 2020. There are three International Welcome Scholarships: International Merit Award (IMA), International Welcome Scholarships (IWS) and International Honours ...
    • ACU是否为国际学生提供奖学金?

      澳大利亚天主教大学(Australian Catholic University)为国际学生提供奖学金,涵盖各个学习阶段的广泛课程。ACU有两种奖学金:国际奖学金(ISS)和Peter Faber商学院国际研究生奖学金。访问我们创建的博客,了解更多关于他们的信息。
    • Are there any scholarships for the University of Western Australia?

      Yes, the University of Western Australia has available different scholarships to support financially the international students. They are five types: The International Achievement Scholarship, Undergraduate Scholarships, Postgraduate (Coursework), ...
    • What are some of the University of Tasmania's scholarships?

      The University of Tasmania is offering international students a host of generous scholarships and bursaries. From 50% off tuition fees or accommodation to assistance with relocation or set up costs. For more information, read the blog we created.
    • Are there any scholarships offered by the University of Otago?

      The University of Otago offers a range of scholarships to undergraduate and postgraduate international students. For instance, the most popular ones are the Master of Finance Scholarship, the Master of Professional Accounting Scholarship, New Zeland ...